Kursuspris pr. modul 3900,- eller 3033,- pr måned i 9 mdr.

To awaken in the female body is a gradual process that happens when the suffering and the pain from the unawakened state becomes unbearable and you start taking the steps to be honnest about yourself, your longing for love and your responsibility for your own actions. To awaken in a female body means that your inner woman, her power and her relationship with the feminine in the line of all that is feminine is being healed.

Random and shameful sexual experiences, sometimes in a young age can set the stage for life long suffering around sexual encounters and shutting down on all life energy expressions  – including creativity and joy energy, and your longing for intimacy.

This is an invitation to start seeing the beautiful woman you are – to free yourself from the effects of unhealed memories and relationships coming from the unawakened unconsciousness, and distorted states of sexuality and sexual energy. This course is not intended as a bashing of the unawakened man, for we are surely all unawakened in different aspects.  It is more a recognition of our own, difficulties and insecurities that we often leave to a man to meet – often he is like ourselves cut off from his own true essence and power. To see that there is a collective denial in our culture around sexuality and that we all in different ways are affected by its misguiding messages.

It is a grounded recognition of the fact that centuries of warrior conditioning have made it difficult for many men to get below their emotional armor and move from their hearts in their relationships with women. Often without even realizing it, the unconscious masculine leaves an echo of pain, confusion and trauma that lingers with women, impacting on their internal freedom and life satisfaction.

In the name of liberation and in the name of longing/ healing /tantra some woman are letting them self being opened sexually without proper care for their own vulnerbility, which in the end doesn´t support her true feminine nature. To have an orgasm doesn´t indicate that a woman have assess to a positive experience of her true womenhood and are therefore not supporting her in her connection with her true power – her inner nature.

This healing program disregards the ‘spiritually correct’ language of ‘non-victimhood’ and ‘all pain is an illusion’, and recognizes that we must claim our true power and heal our wounds before we can move beyond them. Where there is pain and confusion, healing is required. It is that simple and it is that essential. The only way to it, is through it. Better we create an environment that invites a deeper excavation of any unresolved emotional material. Better we heal and clear the wounds than accumulate them. Let our quest for healing begin with emotional authenticity – discovering pleasure and start reclaiming for ourselves our true nature, our joy and love and start celebrating who we are .


Modul 1. Wild Womans Nature

She’s opening her inner FIRE

That is because she’s ignited a sacred fire inside her that holds the fire of the earth. It’s burning to ashes all that is untrue in her life.

No one else but she herself can now shine the light to who she’s becoming. She’s always looked for mentors and idols to emulate. Not any more.

She’s evolving into a woman who is unique. No one in her world really fits the template for who she is becoming. Her path is singular, specially laid out for her. She’s realising that at this time she has to fall back on herself to mould, forge and craft her new self.

She did have heroines and heroes in her life, but the more she’s maturing, the more she’s acknowledging her own awesomeness. This is new for her, re-creating herself from her own example. Her work with ending the cycle of victimhood and coming into a deep honouring of herself, is birthing this new being. This time round, her imagination is powerfully by her side, showing her who she truly is.

She’s living in times of transition, and she’s excitedly stepping into this unfamiliar journey that is beyond standards, beyond regular & normal. Even beyond ideal. If she needs a teacher or mentor now, she’s choosing the one who will teach her how to tend her own sacred fire.

The key to owning all of herself, is to be her own source.
She’s remembering the art of reincarnating in the same body.

The more she stands in her own singularity, the better she fits into her world.

This workshop gives women an opportunity to begin to heal inhibitions and negative feelings they have about their bodies and sexuality and to feel alive and energized. That whole feelings of shame and inferiority associated with being a woman – to stop judgmental and self-denying inner dialogues. This workshop allows women to share their experiences and support each other in a safe and nutritious way. To find your joy and your natural pleasure- saying YES to yourself. To delve into your force and meet the wild woman force that can not be tamed – discover her strength, her grace and her deep longing to live in his soul’s truth and in association with her deeper nature. To heal the damaged instincts and come home in your body.
At the workshop, we will work with the body, sexuality, bio-energy, dynamic meditations, breathing, dancing, music, and rituals. There will be nudity but no sexual touches.



Hun føder sin egen kraft på ny  og åbner for sin ild .Det er fordi hun har antændt den hellige ild  inden i hende.Den brænder alt hvad der er usandt i hendes liv til aske.

Hun brænder alle de gamle historier væk om at hun ingen værdi har , og ikke kan elskes , hun brænder af passion og lader denne ild være hendes guide og kraft i at føde sig selv på ny – i en højere og mere sand udgave , hun brænder al slammet væk, alle skuffelserne , alle løgnene som hun har troet på i hundredevis af år , alle skyggerne, alle forførelserne, alle de falske idealer og drømme – hun lader det brænde op og op af asken vokser den fineste smukke spirer af liv og renhed , som hun nu værner op og plejer som sit eget lille nyfødte væsen. Ingen andre end hun kan nu skinne i hendes eget lys .Hun havde altid kigget efter for lærere og mentorer  at efterligne, men ikke mere.Hun har fundet sin egen autentiske ild.

Hun er unik – sin helt egen . Ingen andre i hendes verden passer ind i den matrice for hvem hun er ved at blive . Hendes vej er ental , specielt lagt ud for hende . Hun indser at på dette tidspunkt kan hun kun falde tilbage på sig selv for at forme, smede og skabe hendes hende nye selv .Hun havde helte og heltinder i hendes liv, men jo mere hun modnes jo mere erkender hun hendes egen unikhed.

Det er nyt for hende at genskabe sig selv ud fra hendes selv – her er der kun hellig ild og intethed . Hendes arbejde med at afslutte denne cyklus af offerrolle , og at bevæge sig ind i en dyb indfrielse af sig selv , er fødende dette væsen.

Denne gang er hendes fantasi stærkt ved hendes side, der viser hende hvem hun virkeligt er .

Hun lever i tider med forandringer og hun er optændt af at træde ind i det ukendte, der er udover normalitet, standarder og regelmæssighed. Selv over ideal . Hvis hun har brug for en lærer eller mentor nu , vælger hun en som der kan lære hende at passe sin egen hellige ild .

Nøglen til at eje alle dele af sig selv , er at være sin egen kilde – og nu hun husker kunsten at genfødes ind i sin krop.


Denne workshop der giver kvinder en mulighed for at begynde at helbrede hæmninger og negative følelser, de har omkring deres krop og seksualitet og til at føle sig levende og fyldt med energi. At hele følelser af skam og mindreværd i forbindelse med det at være en kvinde – at stoppe fordømmende og selvfornægtende indre dialoger. Denne workshop tillader kvinder at dele deres erfaringer og støtte hinanden på en sikker og nærende måde. At finde din glæde og din naturlige livslyst- og at sige JA til dig selv. At dykke ned i din kraft og møde den vilde kvindekraft som ikke kan tæmmes – opdage hendes styrke, hendes ynde og hendes dybe længsel efter at leve i sin sjæls sandhed og i forening med hendes dybere natur. At heale de skadede instinkter og komme hjem i din krop.

På workshoppen vil vi arbejde med Krop , seksualitet, bioenergi, dynamiske meditationer, åndedræt, dans, musik, og ritualer.
Der vil være nøgenhed , men ingen seksuelle berøringer.





2. Modul.



tekst kommer senere

3. Modul Cermoni – Heltindens rejse ind i den anden verden

Tekst kommer senere



Sensitivity is to be alive.

Now she calls it her goddess time – it is her most precious gift.

She is now choosing to be with these soft, open and delicate moments with herself – like taking a warm hot shower.

Sometimes she hears herself releasing a deep sigh.

She is just letting herself be, she is trusting herself and have learned to protect herself by listing to her body and her heart – she knows she is safe and that she can flower in the stream of her own river.

She is beginning to love this non-doing work time. She’s learning to joyously tap into this nourishing pool of quiet-ness and sensitivity.

This module is an invitation to become familiar with the feeling and sensing sensitivity in your body. An invitation to feel how the body is the tool to get in touch with who you really are and meet the beautiful Being  you are. Many women are particularly sensitive and feel that they in their sensitivity has difficulty being present in an intimate contact with another. There is a tendency to dissociation, which in reality is based on fear, and defense and thus cut off the possibility of a deeper contact with the oasis of very nuanced sensory experience in the body- as the sensitive mind and body have the opportunity. By actually discover and take ownership of your own sensitivity – you will more learn to enjoy your sensitivity and learn to set healthy boundaries for yourself. When you receive a sensual touch massage you will be led into a tantric experience and tantric consciousness. Sensual touch can be the first contact with the energy and the energy body and the potential to expand the sexual energy throughout the body.
On the course we will work with various meditative dynamic and bodily meditations, as well as contact and your ability to set healthy boundaries. To feel happy and satisfied in our body, it is necessary that you can express both a Yes as a No. Many women may find it difficult to feel and express when they really feel a ‘no’ in a contact because of fear of rejection or abandontment or just being percieved as negative or not female enough – of course you will learn to interpret and express your sensations in a safe and secure environment. There will be nudity on the course, no sexual stimulation.

Dansk tekst

Sensitivitet er at være levende
 Dette modul er en invitation til at blive fortrolig med at føle og sanse sensitivitet i din krop. En invitation til at mærke hvordan kroppen er det redskab du har til at komme i kontakt med den du virkeligt er og møde den smukke Being som er den du er . Mange kvinder er særligt sensitive og oplever at de I forbindelse med deres sensivitet har vanskelighed med at være tilstede I en intim kontakt med en anden. Der er en tendens til dissociation, som I virkeligheden bygger på frygt, og forsvar og som dermed afskære muligheden for en dybere kontakt med den oase af meget nuancerede sanseoplevelse som det sensitive sind og krop har mulighed for . Ved virkeligt at opdage og tage ejerskab for din egen sensitivitet – vil du I højere grad lære at nyde din sensivitet samt lære at sætte sunde grænser for dig selv. Når du modtager en sensual touch massage bliver du ledt ind i en tantrisk erfaring og tantrisk bevidsthed. Sensual touch kan være den første kontakt med energi og energi kroppen og potentialet for at udvide den seksuelle energi i hele kroppen.

På kurset vil der blive arbejdet med forskellige meditative dynamiske og kropslige meditationer, samt berøring og din evne til afgrænsning. For at føle os glade og tilfredse i vores krop er det nødvendigt at vi kan udtrykke såvel et Ja som et Nej . Mange kvinder kan have vanskeligt ved at mærke og udtrykke når de egentligt føler et nej i en kontakt og af frygt for afvisningsfølelser og andre negative følelser – på kurset vil du lære at tyde og udtrykke dine kropssansninger i et trygt og sikkert miljø.
Der vil være nøgenhed på kurset , ingen seksuelle stimuleringer eller berøringer .

Modul 5.

Inner Demon – Inner Goodess


The highest and purest form of the feminine archetype is Sophia, the white dove symbolizing the wisdom of the feminine side of God and the deepest wisdom of the soul. But deep within the world of matter and flesh beats the heart of the dark goddess, whose wisdom is of no lesser mettle. What can we learn from her?

A Shadow Work Practice

This practice is sort of intense.

It is about bringing the monsters in the basement– the exiled parts of ourselves — up into the warmth of awareness, so that they no longer can run the show from the shadows.

The dark mother “this is the darkness of … the womb, of the earth, of the unknown, of sorrow, of the imagination, the darkness of death, of the human heart, of the unconscious, of the darkness beyond light, of matter, of the descent, of the body, of the shadow of the Most High.”

“Inire” means to go into, go deeper, go inside, facing the realm of dark instinctuality and sacred sexuality. On the path of his individuation every hero or heroine needs to encounter and integrate this perilous darkness, often represented by a monster or a dragon.

“The spirit of the valley never dies;
This is called the dark female.
The doorway into the dark female
Is called the root of heaven and earth.
It is there within us all the while;
Draw upon it as you will, it never runs dry.”

-Tao Te Ching 6


She’s reclaiming her dark feminine as she heals the split.

She realize that she is hole – the dark was too scary. It scared her away from the fullness of her being, of her essence for a long time. She had the belief that only light is pure, and the dark is evil. She was separated from her power. She was allowed to live and experience only the ‘good’ girl, and a very large part of her existence became unsanctioned. Her raw, mystical, wild, shamanic self was banished into the underground, to be perhaps visited in dreams.

Her dark is nothing but her denied feminine. It is primal, NOT evil.

As her courage is growing, she’s refusing to live in guilt anymore, she refuses to be buried by shame . Her frequent journeys underground have revealed to her the immense power of the dark. She’s discovering she was never evil. All that she had hidden away in the dark was all the unmeet parts of her being. She’s reclaiming her wildness fully and unabashedly now. She knows that the dark is where things take birth. Deep in the earth’s womb is where the seed germinates deep in her dark womb is where life begins to form.

A connection to the dark brings her face to face to her mystical connection with life, death and rebirth. She accessing the power of blood mysteries. She’s travelling to the center of the universe, the black light of the cosmic womb, her most nourishing place now. She’s reclaiming Kali, Lilith, Isthar, the wolveswoman and the dragons fire.

In her embrace of her dark feminine, she’s healing the split of spirit from matter, heaven from earth, sacred from profane, human from divine, light from dark.

She’s sacred. And it has no opposite.

Dansk Tekst

Den højeste og reneste form for det feminine arketype er Sophia, den hvide due symboliserer visdom, den feminine side af Gud og den dybeste visdom for sjælen. Men dybt inde i verden af stof og kød slår hjertet af den mørke gudinde, hvis visdom er uden mindre fyrighed. Hvad kan vi lære af hende?

Et skygge workshop
Denne praksis er intens.
Det handler om at bringe de monstre vi gemmer i kælderen -landflygtige dele af os selv – op i den varme bevidsthed, så de ikke længere kan køre showet fra skyggerne.
Den mørke mor “dette er den mørke … livmoderen, af jorden, for det ukendte, af sorg, af fantasi, af den mørke død, af det menneskelige hjerte, af det ubevidste, af mørket uden lys , af jeg´et undergang .


“Inire” betyder at gå ind, gå dybere, gå ind og stå ansigt til ansigt med det mørke instinkt og den hellige seksualitet.

På sin vej i individuationen  har enhver helt eller heltinde brug for at integrere dette farefulde mørke, ofte repræsenteret ved et monster eller en drage.
Hun genvinder sin mørke feminine kraft når hun healer sin indre splittelse . Opslitningen mellem det kendte og det ukendte .
Hun indser, at hun er hel –  mørket var skræmmende. Det skræmte hende væk fra fylde hendes væsen, hendes essens i lang tid. Hun havde troet på at kun det lyse var rent , og det mørke er ondt. Hun blev skilt fra sin magt. Hun fik lov til at leve og opleve kun den “gode” pige, og en meget stor del af hendes eksistens blev sanktioneret. Hendes rå, mystisk, vilde, shamanistisk selv blev forvist ned i undergrunden, og måske kun kunne mødes i drømmen.
Hendes mørke er ikke andet end hendes fornægtede af hendes feminintet. Den er primal, den er instinktiv , ikke ond.
Da hendes mod vokser, og hun nægter at leve i skyld, hun nægter at blive begravet af skam.

Hendes hyppige rejser under jorden har åbenbaret for hende den enorme magt som mørket har. Hun opdager at hun aldrig var ond. Alt, hun havde gemt væk i mørket var alle de umødte dele af hendes væsen. Hun genvinder sin vildskab fuldt og ufortrødent nu. Hun ved, at det er i mørket at alting fødes . Dybt i jordens livmoder er, hvor frøene spirer, dybt i hendes mørke livmoder er, hvor livet begynder .Hun står her ansigt til ansigt til hendes mystiske forbindelse med liv, død og genfødsel. Her har hun adgang til blod mysterierne. Hun rejser til centrum af universet, det sort lys af den kosmiske livmoder, som er blevet hendes mest nærende sted nu. Hun genvinder sin forbindelse til Gudinderne Kali, Lilith, Isthar, Ulvemoderen og den ildsprudende drage.
I sin omfavnelse af hendes mørke feminine, helbreder hun opdelingen af ånden fra stof, himlen fra jorden, helligt fra profant, menneske fra guddommelige, lys fra mørke.
Hun er hellig  Og det har ingen modsætning.



Modul 6.  Energetic Merging with inner nature



Denne energiske tilgang kan bruges sammen med din personlige meditative / ceremonielle praksis og de faglige metoder, du allerede bruger.Vi alle er meget fortrolig med de seksuelle udtryk for forplantning, romantisk kærlighed og seksuel nydelse. Vi må dog træde uden for vores kulturelle paradigme til at forstå en fjerde måde – energi-merging.

På dette modul fokuserer vi på at udvikle energiske evner til at fusionere med andre i en nonsexual, ikke-erotiske sammenhæng, som er en af de vigtigste evner, at de fleste traditionelle shamaner bruger for at muliggøre transformation.  Her lærer du at aktiverer din kilde(essens) til energisk med  hensigt, hvad der allerede sker i seksualitet og orgasme, til at udvikle og transformere os selv og andre. Det vil sige, vores orgasmiske udtryk har allerede lært os det grundlæggende i transformation. Nu bruger vi vores indre viden til at udvide vores evner til at forvandle os selv og støtte andres transformation.




Tekst kommer senere